The strategy we create for each one of our clients is meant to: promote a good quality image, innovation, credibility and design; reinforce brand awareness; confer visibility to the brand and stimulate the interest of the targeted audience; push and promote sales; contribute towards differencing the brand before its competitors.


“We offer services to the perfect launching of any brand, from decoration to a careful planned mailing.”





Consultancy and consequent overall orientation providing an adequate PR strategy; Promotion of contacts with target press namely through meetings between the brand and selected journalists resulting in a close relationship with the media; Creating communication opportunities and a close and dynamic contact with the media like the organization of interviews, press conferences, open days, press kits, press gifts and other specific actions; Press release development on subjects such as new collection, products, services, special actions, advertising campaigns, events, financial results, etc. favoring the publication of news about our clients.


Identification of opportunities to create news reinforcing brand awareness and promotion sales; Product placement suggestions; Monthly report with qualitative and quantitative analysis of Press Club results and actions (compilations of monthly clipping and AVE report);




PRESS CLUB manages in a strategic way a close relation with influencers whether by the product seeding's, payed posts or digital campaigns. Raising recognition from brands with the right targets having in mind each product.





Conception and development of special events, launchings of new products, press conferences, fashion shows, cocktails, openings/press days; Our solid experience is there to assure that every detail will be taken care of that everything will run smoothly while your guests, and you, enjoy your event.




In a carefully chosen room with an efficient professional service, PRESS CLUB presents its clients collections to the press; With a strategic management of brands and information, working with Lookbooks and photos, PRESS

CLUB obtains a perfect connection between fashion editors and the brands; The brands are in the right place at the right time  by promoting the image of our clients; through fashion editorials and image management; The exhibition at PRESS CLUB showroom offers an excellent PR opportunity, where different national and international brands share the same room, providing a complete range for fashion editors.